Charmaine Craig is an actress and writer of the acclaimed novel: The Good Men: a novel of sex and heresy. Ms Craig was studying medieval literature at Harvard when she read the fourteenth-century testimony of Grazida Lizier, a young woman tried by the inquisition against heretical Christians in medieval France.
Haunted by the document, Charmaine Craig spent several months in Montaillou, a tiny French village in the Pyrenees and the last stronghold of heresy in the 14th century. In search of historical sources, she uncovered the story of people falling under the influence of saintly wanderers known as Good Men who preach that the world was created by the devil and should be despised. It is a lush, textured story about sex and abstinence, humanity and sainthood, men and women, celibacy and heresy that resonates as much in the twenty-first century as the fourteenth. The Good Men is Charmaine Craig’s first novel.
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