Authority on the French Medieval Inquisition
Former president of the Center for Valorisation of Medieval Patrimony (CVPM) located in Carcassonne (France) and former student of Andre Vauchez, Director of the French School of Rome (Italy), Laurent Albaret is one of the new generation of French scholars who are experts in the history of repression during the Middle Ages.
Having studied Medieval Religious History at Paris X Nanterre University (France), he is currently earning a Doctorate on the Inquisition and its procedures in Southern France, and is an associate member of the UMR CNRS (National Scientific Research Center).
Laurent Albaret wrote various articles on Catharism and the Inquisition and is the author of various books such as: The Inquisition, Fortress of Faith, The Inquisitors, and Portraits of the Protectors of Faith in Languedoc XIII-XIV Centuries.
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