Italian authority on the History of the Church
Agostino Borromeo is a Professor of History of the modern and contemporary Church at Sapienza University, Italy.
Dr Borromeo is the editor of a collection of scholarly essay about the inquisition. The report published in 2004 by the Vatican to better understand the causes and damages of the inquisition is based on the work of a symposium of leading theologians and scholars.
The Proceedings of the Symposium represent for the Vatican a reference work for studies on the Inquisition. In the first place, because of the scientific rigor of the reports, free from any residue of the polemic or anxious apology that marks most of the older historiography; secondly, because of the amount of data provided, thirdly, because there are grounds for hope given the size of the volume that its publication will spark a new intellectual debate on the topic and act as an incentive for further research.
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